Brisbane QLD, Australia

©2018 by Soupy LaRue

Worried Man Blues

"I'm Worried Now, But I Won't Be Worried Long..."

Soupy LaRue: A Retrospective

When Soupy LaRue first arrived on Earth (by whatever means necessary) he was worried. He was a worried man. He’d come looking for someone to settle down with; a girl-next-door type, and he just kept moving house until he found her. He’s been living with a beautiful young woman for six months ago, but she just found out, and she wasn’t happy, so Soupy’s been spending his time lying low at Lefty’s. The band, Soupy LaRue - who created themselves in Soupy’s perfect and obnoxious image - have been working on their EP for a few years now; writing, rehearsing, tweaking, recording, being robbed and losing the recordings, re-recording, and writing other stuff that was too late and will have to deal with not being recorded in its own way. The result of this Sisyphusian effort is the bombastic record, Soupy LaRue EP. Arcing gracefully from madcap EDM with cannibalistic under (and over) tones, through self loathing ballads, via this one guitar heavy instrumental we don’t talk about, and into the stalker song of our generation. Punktry, Cowpunk, Punkabilly, Shit-Kicking-Anger-Stomp, whatever you want to call their sound, it’ll get you in the mood* in a way you’ve never heard before.

*Individual mood results may vary